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Angie's words during her initial interview before competing for Survivor: Philippines:

"After competing at Miss Teen USA, it has honestly helped me believe in myself more and I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to. I've had to compete against cut-throat girls, and I think in this game there are cut-throat people...I think that will really help me."

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Angie Layton. Here is our interview...

Will: How did you get involved with pageants?
Angie: When I was 14, I competed in a local pageant in my town that was called Miss Independence -- like Miss 4th of July -- and all the girls in ninth grade do it...and I went and did that and I won! From there, I wanted to do try a larger pageant, so I competed in Miss Utah Teen USA 2010 and I won in my first year!

Will: What's tougher, preparing for Miss Teen USA or preparing for Survivor: Philippines?
Angie: It depends, both are very hard. They are both so different. It's really hard to compare. Going into the pageant you have to mentally know that you can win and that you are the best to win that title. And going into Survivor, you have to mentally know that you can survive...that you can be away from your family and away from your friends...and know that you'll be OK and survive the elements.

Will: What made you audition for Survivor: Philippines?
Angie: I really wanted to do the challenges. When I would watch the challenges my adrenaline would start pumping and it made me want to do them! It looked so awesome.  Having to wear no makeup or fix my hair, I wanted people to see that side of me. The side that everyone usually sees is competing in a pageant or modeling, and I wanted people to see that I'm not just a pageant girl or model, that I can do it all.

Will: You weren't the only pageant contestant competing on Survivor...did you have a chance to interact with Katie Hanson - Miss Delaware USA 2011?
Angie: No, I didn't get to. But during the challenges we smiled at each other :-)

Will: If you had a second chance how would you play the game differently?
Angie: I would love a second chance! I would probably play a bit smarter...perform better in challenges. And always know what is going on around camp....that was one thing that I wasn't quite sure about. I never knew that Russell was looking for the idol, I didnt know that Roxy was talking crap about me. Things like that I would be more aware of next time, and I would play it more strategically that way.

Will: They hinted during the show that you had some chemistry with Malcolm, is there any love interest there?
Angie: Love interest?! Haha, no were just really close friends. He's a great guy. It was cold so we cuddled for mutual warmth. He saved my life, I thank him for that! But no, we are just really good friends.

Will: After Survivor: Philippines, what is the next step for you?
Angie: This year I'll continue to model. I model for Sheri Hill quite a bit. Next year I will compete for Miss Utah USA. Winning Miss Utah USA next year is my next goal!

Unfortunately Angie, was voted off Survivor: Philippines on Week 3, but look out for her next year as she competes for the crown of Miss Utah USA!

Photos: Monty Brinton/CBS Broadcasting Inc. and Angie Layton

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