VIDEO: Brittany Toll – Miss New Mexico USA 2011

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Excerpt taken from Brittany Toll's Blog as written by H. Haveman:

"Brittany Toll is a beautiful person.  Yes, she is the reigning Miss New Mexico USA 2011 and won the similar honor in 2005 as Miss New Mexico Teen USA.  However, her beauty is not purely a result of her broad smile, white teeth, and pretty face.  Brittany works as a pre-kindergarten teacher in Gallup’s Rocky View Elementary School.  She volunteers, is a positive role model, and travels throughout the state to promote early childhood education.  Brittany’s beauty, though obvious at first glance, is exuded from deep within through her generosity, values and passions."

After chatting with Brittany, I would add to the final sentence "killer dance moves" and "love for Shark Week" :)

-Will the Pageant Guy

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