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“Ask Alyssa” – May 2014

"Ask Alyssa" - May 2014

“Ask Alyssa” – May 2014 Q: Hi there!!!! I’m competing for Miss WI USA this year as a first time pageant girl. From all of my research and readings I’ve found confidence and smiles are a must during swimwear. I’m curious if facial expressions like winks and laughs are inappropriate or if they would enhance…

“Ask Alyssa” – April 2014

"Ask Alyssa" - April 2014

“Ask Alyssa” – April 2014 Q: Hi Alyssa! I’m Cassandra, and I’m a major fan! I want to be a pageant girl so bad, and I really want to model! I applied at a local modeling agency but they never got in contact with me! I was wondering, do you have any tips of how…

“Ask Alyssa” – March 2014

"Ask Alyssa" - March 2014

“Ask Alyssa” – March 2014 Q: I have a massive scar on my stomach following some serious abdominal surgery; is it best to cover it for the swimwear round? Ive been working out loads, and have a bikini ready for Miss Galaxy England on Sunday, but now doubting myself whether I should leave it, use…

Pageant Advice Column – “Ask Alyssa”

Pageant Advice Column - "Ask Alyssa"

I’m excited to introduce to you a new series on called “Ask Alyssa”. “Ask Alyssa” is a pageant advice column authored by one of the most successful pageant titleholders in recent history, Miss USA 2011 – Alyssa Campanella.  ❖ Whether you’re competing in your first pageant ever or a contender trying to take it…