Journey to the Crown — Devin Grissom (May/June 2014)

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Well I’ll admit it.

I have completely fallen off the face of the Earth for 2 months—sorry about that—but literally, I was not in the United States for 4 weeks so I feel like that is a pretty good excuse. However, just because there have been no blogs doesn’t mean that I haven’t been working…HARD.

I am more motivated and ready than ever! (Well ready as in excited and ready to keep working, not ready as in ready to walk on stage in a swimsuit…quite yet)

So what have I been up to you ask? What have I NOT been up to is the best answer. Let's get caught up guys… Last you heard from me, I had just left Dallas after attending the Miss Dallas USA pageant. Since then, life has been a whirlwind... as usual.

MAY: In a Suitcase

So get this. 4 weeks. 5 countries. 12 cities.

San Francisco-->New York-->Athens-->Mykonos-->Santorini-->Athens-->Rome

-->Tuscany-->Florence-->Paris-->Shanghai-->Baton Rouge-->Memphis. WHEW!


Now I know you are thinking it... between trips to Greece, Italy, France and China, how did I possibly stick to any sort of diet? Inconsistently is the answer. In my opinion, the point of training for a pageant (or anything really) is to accomplish your goals and make yourself a better person by striving to reach that goal. But in some circumstances, that goal needs to take a short backseat ride. I really believe it would have been a disservice to my soul if I missed out on the full opportunities of being abroad while there. AKA -- If I want some dang pasta and wine in Italy then I SHALL HAVE IT.

On the other hand, the great thing about traveling is that you are constantly walking/exploring/finding activities to keep you busy and active. I actually walked up 463 (felt like a gazillion) teeny, tiny steep steps to the top of the Doumo in Florence. I couldn't tell if I was out of breath from the stairs or the magical city view -- that's my kind of workout.

JUNE: Miss USA 2014


Attending Miss USA is always an experience. I love getting to see the behind the scenes of the telecast. It is truly inspiring to see just how excited the friends and family of each contestant are. It makes you realize how hard each one of them has worked towards this goal. Miss USA is the culmination of months and months and months of hard work and preparation. That does not even include the months and months of hard work that each girl put into winning her state pageant.

Alongside being a spectator, I was asked to be the red carpet correspondent for! I was able to interview all of the judges for Miss USA as well as the man in charge, Donald Trump!

miss-usa-donald-j-trump-chi-celebrity-red-carpet-visit-baton-rouge-360-miss-universe-organization-muo-photo-kevin-woolsey-464P.S. I may have had a slight fan-girl moment when I realized I got to meet Allie LaForce. She has been a role-model of mine ever since winning Miss Teen USA 2005 and she is now the CBS sideline reporter for the SEC! Roll Tide! What an experience I will never forget.

Needless to say, I was yet again reassured that I want to be on that stage competing for Miss USA. I headed back to Tennessee with a mentality that my biggest obstacle will always be myself. I need to continue to convince myself that I can work harder and be better every single day.



Since Miss USA I have been on a mission. Literally.

Insanity is my best friend. Well I should say that Shaun T is my best friend. These workouts are kick-butt and they never get any easier! As much as my thighs hate it -- I love it! The first month's videos are the "easy" ones (easy to Hercules maybe), they are around 40 minutes long including stretching before and after. Month 2 is literally impossible -- about an hour including stretching -- it's tough, but I'm getting better at it everyday. I seriously recommend this workout -- so easy to do from home and will get you into shape pronto!

On top of Insanity, Physique 57 has become my new best friend. If you have ever gone to Pure Barre then you know what I mean. These "ballet inspired" workouts are not for the faint of heart. They will make you shake, sweat and sometimes even cry haha (for real.) But it works. And the DVD's are SO much less expensive than going to the real classes.


So now I am getting into crunch time! My to-do list for next month is as follows:

  •  Find an evening gown (eek my favorite!)
  •  Get head shots done

Here's to next month!

Devin G.



This article was written by Devin Grissom

Devin Grissom got her start in pageants as Miss Tennessee’s Outstanding Teen 2007. Devin then competed at Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2009 placing 2nd runner up to eventual Miss Teen USA 2009, Stormi Henley. Recently, Devin placed 1st runner up at Miss Alabama USA 2013 and 3rd runner up at Miss Tennessee USA 2014. Devin is a graduate of the University of Alabama and currently resides and works in Northern California as a marketing specialist.