Top 10 in Swimsuit for 2013

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Similar to the Top 10 Pageant Gowns of 2013, this list was also designed to be the most relevant and comprehensive to determine the top contestants competing in the swimsuit competition. Additionally, I wanted the opportunity for readers to gain a inside look and learn from those who were the best in swimsuit for 2013.

To make this the most comprehensive Top 10 list, I contacted pageantry’s leading authorities across the country including gown designers, boutique owners, pageant coaches, seasoned pageant judges, hair and makeup stylists, photographers, and current and former state and national titleholders from the Miss America and Miss Universe organizations.

Once the final rankings were calculated, I personally contacted the majority of the Top 10 to interview them about their fitness training, nutritional plan, and overall preparation for their pageant.

Those eligible for nomination were ANY contestant competing in ANY pageant, in ANY system during the 2013 calendar year, then ranked in Top 5 format with points for each placement. People’s Choice was determined by popular vote by the public.

I present to you the Top 10 in Swimsuit for 2013.

“On the bubble”

These ladies barely missed cracking the Top 10, but deserved special recognition.


Constanza Baez, Nastassja Bolivar, Megan Ervin, Lauren Guzman, Gabriela Isler, Brittany Deaville (People's Choice)

10. Miss South Carolina 2012

Ali Rogers. Photo by Miss America OrganizationOur first to appear in the Top 10 in Swimsuit for 2013 is Miss South Carolina 2012 - Ali Rogers.

Ali gave some insight on preparing for the swimsuit competition at Miss America 2013:

"My key focus while preparing to compete in swimsuit at Miss America 2013 was to stay healthy and more importantly, happy. I had competed in swimsuit only two times before, at Miss Laurens County and at Miss South Carolina.

While maintaining a balanced diet, I never let myself become miserable with the same boring foods. I mixed in foods I like with fruits, vegetables, and high-protein, low-carb dishes.

I even left room for biscuits and gravy...that kept me happy, which was undoubtedly more important than being thin.  When it came to working out, I didn't stay confined to a treadmill and weights in the gym. I grew up playing sports, not competing in pageants so swimsuit competition gave me the chance to utilize my passion for sports.

I mixed things up with CrossFit, Zumba, running outside, and anything to give my workouts variation. For me, cardio was key. I began and ended every workout with cardio...running, biking, or rowing. With multiple speaking engagements and appearances everyday for the six months leading up to Miss America, I used the month of December to really buckle down before I left for Las Vegas.

I worked out twice, sometimes three times a day, but I never let myself get bored.  Balance was key. While I may have not been the thinnest, I learned very quickly that skinny doesn't always win swimsuit. I was healthy and of course, happy."

9. Miss West Virginia 2013

Chelsea Welch. Photo by Miss Universe OrganizationComing in at 9th place is Miss West Virginia USA 2013 - Chelsea Welch.

Chelsea shared with her process of preparing for the Miss USA 2013 pageant:

"To prepare for swimsuit competition I worked with Nancy Bond at Complete Physique and there's no way I could have been swimsuit ready without her help.

I started 4 months before my state pageant on a clean eating lifestyle. 3 small meals and 2-3 snacks every day, never more than 3 hours between eating.

I only ate clean foods like complex carbs, fruits, veggies, lean protein, healthy fats, and didn't take any supplements.

I also drank over 1 gallon of water each day. As for workouts, I trained for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours a day, 6 days a week, which included high intensity cardio intervals and quite a bit of strength training (I even used a squat rack). I dropped nearly 15 pounds in 3 months and became so toned.

My confidence in my body skyrocketed and I was so proud to show it off on stage. Working with Complete Physique was key to my success."

8. Miss Wyoming 2012

Lexie Madden. Photo by Miss America OrganizationPlacing 8th on the Top 10 in Swimsuit for 2013 is Miss Wyoming 2012 - Lexie Madden.

When asked about her preparations for the Miss America 2013 swimsuit competition, Lexie offered this:

"To prepare for the swimsuit portion at Miss America, I did a variety of cardio 6 times a week, generally trying to keep my heart rate in the fat burning zone.

I also added in weight lifting, incorporating low weight with lots of reps to create leaner muscle.

In terms of nutrition, I ate a lot of fruit, veggies and lean protein and drank a gallon of water a day.

I definitely have a sweet tooth so I would still occasionally treat myself to sweet snacks.

Being healthy doesn't mean depriving yourself of everything, it means making smarter eating choices and eating things in moderation."

7. Miss Oklahoma USA 2014

Brooklynne Young. Photo by Rachel ImdiekeNext on our list of the Top 10 in Swimsuit for 2013 is current Miss Oklahoma USA 2014 - Brooklynne Young.

Brooklynne gave a quick glimpse on how she prepared for the Miss Oklahoma USA 2014 swimsuit competition:

"I made sure to go to the gym at least 3-5 times a week and if I didn't make it I would do some work outs at home.

I would always start out doing some form of cardio and then would transition into circuit training using weights to target specific muscle groups.

To mix it up, I enjoyed trying new workouts I would find on Pinterest or on a good fitness website.

As for my nutrition plan, I have grown up liking healthy food so it makes it easier to keep good eating habits.

I did not completely cut out any food group because otherwise I would end up craving it all the time. My go-to meal (also my favorite) would be Greek yogurt with granola and fruit.

I believe that the best plan is to focus on whole, natural, unprocessed foods and stay away from artificial sweeteners and so-called 'diet' foods."

6. Miss North Carolina USA 2013

Ashley Mills. Photo by Miss Universe OrganizationNarrowly missing the Top 5 is Miss North Carolina USA 2013 - Ashley Mills.

When asked about her workout routine to plan for the swimsuit competition at Miss USA 2013, Ashley explained:

"My workout regimen in preparation for the Miss USA 2013 pageant was rather simple.

I only worked out around 3 times a week.

I did some cardio and weight training but the key in how my body was shaped for Miss USA came down to my diet.

From the moment I was crowned Miss North Carolina USA 2013, I ate healthy and in moderation.

I definitely ate what I wanted, which included a lot of thin crust pizza lol but I stayed away from juice and soda.

Drank nothing but water. Ate lots of veggies, fruits and consumed a ton of protein (cans of tuna, chicken, salmon).

I was very disciplined for a period of 7 months up until the Miss USA 2013 pageant and even now, I still maintain the same diet."

5. Miss Nevada USA 2013

Chelsea Caswell. Photo by Miss Universe OrganizationThe first to appear in the Top 5 in our list of the Top 10 in Swimsuit for 2013, is Miss Nevada USA 2013 - Chelsea Caswell.

Here is what Chelsea explained to about her fitness and nutrition plan leading up to Miss USA 2013:

"I am a firm believer in being fit is 70% what you intake and 30% what you workout.

I worked out at least 5 days a week and really focused on my overall fitness. I did all different types of workouts to ensure I was getting the best results.

Everything from 'Insanity' to hiking, I tried to do it all. It also helped keep my workouts fun, and not so mundane!

Like I said 70% what you intake, therefore I was extremely strict about what I ate. I followed a pretty true "Paleo" diet (which I learned after the fact) but I essentially ate only natural foods, nothing processed, no dairy, sugar, or grains.

I'll admit the hardest part was candy! I have an addiction to sour gummy worms like none other, but in the end it was all worth it.

Something I thought I could never give up was coffee. If I could have an IV of coffee everyday I would! was hard but so worth it, I felt the best if ever felt in my entire life going to Miss USA."

4. Miss Utah USA 2013

Miss USA 2013, Telecast, ViX Paula Hermanny, Swimsuit, Chinese Laundry

Placing 4th on our list is Miss Utah USA 2013 - Marissa Powell.

Marissa also explained her routine to prepare for the Miss USA 2013 swimsuit competition:

"I was very fortunate to have an amazing trainer for Miss USA. I trained with Scott's Training System out of Arizona.

Although I was not in the same state as him, it was no problem at all. He was wonderful about calling and emailing back and forth 2 to 3 times a week to make sure that I was sticking to my nutrition plan and exercises.

Before starting to train, I told Scott exactly what I wanted to work on to obtain my ideal Miss USA body, and he helped me know what exercises and nutrition plan I needed in order to make it happen.

I grew up playing a lot of sports, so I was excited to do cardio and light weight lifting at the gym three times a week along with eating clean and natural foods.

Every week I would take photos of myself in my swimsuit in order to see the progress that I was making and it made me very excited and motivated to see the changes I was working for! I was thrilled when I got on the Miss USA 2013 stage and felt perfectly beautiful in my own skin.

I had worked hard and stayed dedicated. I knew that all my hard work paid off because I had reached my personal fitness goal that I had set for myself. Scott help me every bit of the way, and I could not have done it without him!"

3. Miss Illinois USA 2013

Stacie Juris. Photo by Miss Universe OrganizationPlacing 2nd runner up is Miss Illinois USA 2013 - Stacie Juris.

Stacie explains to us her "no fun diet" helping her to place in the Top 5 at the Miss USA 2013 and in our list of the Top 10 in Swimsuit for 2013.

"To prepare for the Miss USA 2013 swimsuit competition, I went on what I call the no-fun-diet.

I worked with personal trainer and former Miss Illinois USA, Ashley Bond 2-3 times a week and the other 4-5 times a week I would train on my own, at Lifetime Fitness.

As I got closer to leaving for Miss USA, my diet became more and more boring.

Eventually I cut out all grains, dairy, alcohol, and processed sugar.

I was eating a lot of vegetables, chicken, and egg whites.


It was really important to me that my hard work was evident when I hit the stage.

I didn’t just want to be skinny, I wanted to look fit and feel great. Getting ready to be on national television -- in a bikini -- may not be fun, but it is worth it!"

2. Miss Great Britain Universe 2013

Amy Willerton. Photo by Miss Universe OrganizationOur 1st RU for the Top 10 in Swimsuit for 2013 is Miss Great Britain Universe 2013 - Amy  Willerton.

To prepare for the Miss Universe 2013 pageant KX, an exclusive health and fitness club based in the UK, provided Amy a custom program consisting of personal training, spa treatments, and a particular diet and nutritional plan.

Courtesy of KX, here's a look at Amy's specific diet for Miss Universe 2013.

The diet that Amy followed for the Miss Universe 2013 pageant is a Mediterranean Paleo Menu.

This includes three meals per day consisting of a wide variety of lean proteins, fruits and vegetables and healthy fats from nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil, fish oil and grass-fed meat.

Following this diet, combined with regular exercise, can help you stay lean, strong and energetic.

Below is Week One of Amy Willerton’s Miss Universe 2013 diet:

Monday: Smoked salmon and spinach / Super green salad & Cod / Chicken Paillard, green beans and broccoli
Tuesday: Poached eggs & grilled tomatoes / Tuna Tartare & Quinoa side / Salmon, beans salad & asparagus
Wednesday: Chicken, avocado & spinach / Vegan pasta & prawns / Beef filet stracchetti with mushrooms & kale
Thursday: White omelette w/red pepper / Beetroots soup & chicken w/green salad / Dover sole broccoli & carrots
Friday: Chilean sea bass, mushrooms and baby spinach / Spicy vegetable & chicken soup & wild rice side / Beef Bresaola & cherries tomatoes
Saturday: Steamed chicken and kale / Lentils Prawns soup / Veal filet green beans mixed salad
Sunday: Scrambled eggs & asparagus / Salmon salad & buckwheat side / Cod & shitake mushrooms

1. Miss Virginia USA  2013

Shannon McAnally. Photo by Miss Universe OrganizationReceiving the highest 1st place votes and placing in Top 5 on over three-fourths of all our expert polls, Miss Virginia USA 2013 - Shannon McAnally  earns her the top spot in the Top 10 in Swimsuit for 2013!

Shannon exclusively spoke to about her fitness and nutrition lifestyle and preparing for the Miss USA 2013 swimsuit competition:

"While I have been a vegetarian my entire life, I was definitely more strict than ever with my eating habits leading up to Miss USA.

I took in about 100 grams of protein per day, included lots of fresh veggie and fruit juices I made at home using a juicer, ate all healthy natural and organic foods, and cut out anything processed or things with a lot of sodium or sugar.

I can honestly say I have never looked or felt better in my life after practicing this diet for several months straight.

As far as my workout routine, I did a lot of low impact cardio several times per week, and worked out with light machines and free weights about 5 times per week.

I also Skyped with my trainer, Mark some towards the end to make sure I was targeting all the right spots correctly.

My workout routines were extremely intense and efficient, but well worth the time and effort!"

So what do you think? Do you agree with the Top 10 in Swimsuit for 2013?

Who was your favorite? Was there a contestant you thought was worthy to be listed on our Top 10 list that we missed?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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