Top 25 Most Annoying Pageant Phrases

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❖ If you have zero sense of humor -- please close your browser right now
❖ If you do not understand sarcasm -- please google "sarcasm" immediately
❖ If you're still clinging to archaic, outdated, Pageant Patty pageantry -- void of fun and laughs -- shut down your Commodore 64 with the floppy disk drive, buy an iPhone, have a few glasses of wine, and then come back and read the…...Top 25 Most Annoying Pageant Phrases

I've done've done it...we ALL have done it.

We are ALL guilty of spouting off cliche pageant sayings over the course of pageant weekend -- in person, online, over texts -- in hopes of sounding intelligent, informed, and understanding. In an effort to prevent the recycled pageant phrases of yesteryear from haunting us any further, and to spark some ORIGINALITY, let's identify some of these annoying phrases.

NOTE: Although we didn't use any infamous YouTube punchlines in the likes of "maps", "such as", or "the Iraq", we kept to the more common and annoying sayings you're familiar with hearing each pageant season (including commentary) beginning with...

"On the Bubble" List

These honorable mentions initially did not make the Top 25 list, but certainly deserve to be:

"I'm not the typical pageant girl"

USAGE:  I stand out because I'm not the typical pageant girl.

❖ says:  Pageant's over! Let me hand you the crown right now.


"You should've won"

USAGE:  Girl, those judges are blind. You should've won!

❖ says:  Thanks for the inspirational message, friend.



USAGE:  I'm officially retiring from pageants.  It's just too political!

❖ says:  Oh you were a contestant this year?


"Just be yourself"

USAGE:  The best pageant advice I've ever received was to just be yourself!

❖ says:  I've tried that the past 7 years.


"Inner Beauty"

USAGEInner beauty is much more important to me.

❖ says:  Lucky for you, this is the Miss "Inner Beauty" beauty pageant.


"On the Bubble"

USAGE:  I'm still not sure if she is Top 15 material. This girl is on the bubble for me.

❖ says:  GUILTY!

TOP 25

25) "She is so over the top"

USAGE: Did you see her walk onstage, she is so over the top!

❖ says: Have you been reading the Voy boards again?


24) "...everyone is a winner"

USAGE: Although one girl will walk away with the crown, everyone is a winner!

❖ says: It's true, I've seen the trophies.


23) "You don't need a crown to be a winner"

USAGE: There,'s OK honey. You don't need a crown to be a winner!

❖ says: Thanks Mom.


22) "The judges missed the mark with her"

USAGE: Did you see who won? The judges missed the mark with her!

❖ says: Hi, you must be related to the 1st runner-up.


21) "The judges definitely got it right"

USAGE: I agree with the results. The judges definitely got it right!

❖ says: Nice to meet you. You must be the winner's parents.

TOP 20

20) "She nailed it"

USAGE: What did i think about her performance? She nailed it!

❖ says: Gosh, your such a bad liar.


19) Saying "That's a great question" during interview

USAGE: That's a great question. The biggest challenge our country faces today is...

❖ says: That's a great way to stall <not really> was OK the first time but not the 4th time around.


18) "<insert state here> missed it with that one"

USAGE: Texas missed it with that one!

❖ says: I'm sure the entire state will continue on despite this tragic blunder.


17) "Relevant"

USAGE: Our pageant system is the most relevant one today.

❖ says: Seriously, the next time I hear the word relevant AND pageant in a sentence, I'm going to jump in front of a bus.


16) "It just wasn't meant to be / It wasn't her night / It wasn't her time"

USAGE: She did her best. It just wasn't meant to be.

❖ says: I agree! I totally had her pegged for Miss Congeniality from the get go!!

TOP 15

15) "She could make a splash at <insert national pageant>"

USAGE: She's a strong competitor. She could make a splash at Miss USA!

❖ says: I'm still determining if this is a compliment or insult.


14) "I don't get all the hype"

USAGE: I'm just not feeling her. I don't get all the hype!

❖ says: Wait...I know you...didn't you post the same thing on the message board last night?


13) "I'm still scratching my head on that one"

USAGE: Can't believe who won…I'm still scratching my head on that one!

❖ says: Maybe it's dandruff.


12) "This is her pageant to lose"

USAGE: My favorite this year is Pageant Patty….this is her pageant to lose!

❖ says: I'm sure she appreciates the added pressure, pal.


11) " girl <insert contestant name>…"

USAGE: What did you think of my girl Pageant Patty? I've been working so hard with her!

❖ says: CAUTION: This won't be the first time you see inappropriate use of a titleholder as a possessive pronoun in this Top 25 list...see #3 down below

TOP 10

10) "Jesus is my hero"

USAGE: If I could play basketball with one person dead or alive, it would be Jesus. Jesus is my hero.

❖ says: Lord help me with this one! OK...before I get hate mail, I'm not knocking anyone who shares their all honesty I respect it. I just think it's annoying when it's clearly insincere and it's the default response to a tough question. And yes, I would love to ball with Jesus. Carry on.


9) "The pageant was rigged"

USAGE: Don't feel so bad about your placement, the pageant was rigged!

❖ says: $5 million dollars says it wasn't.


8) "She was robbed"

USAGE: She should've won tonight…she was robbed!

❖ says: And she looks like she got mugged too. #SorryNotSorry


7) Saying "Thank you" after answering your Onstage Question

USAGE: ...and that's what I think about social media in today's society. Thank you!

❖ says: You're welcome. Now go away.


6) "…I AM…<insert name>"

USAGE: Coming to you from the state that brings you Channing Tatum…I AM…Pageant Patty!

❖ says: You sure are.


5) "Different night, different set of judges"

USAGE: I'm surprised with tonight's results. Different night, different set of judges

❖ says: DUH.


4) "I got <#> of <#> in the Top <#>"

USAGE: Yay! I got 11 of 16 in the Top 16!  #PageantExpert  #ImTheBest  #LookAtMe

❖ says: Good for you. No one really cares Mr. Pageant Expert. #HeresACookie


3) "I'm YOUR <insert title> <insert name>"

USAGE: I'm YOUR Miss Teen Solar System 2013, Pageant Patty!

❖ says: Hooray, I get my very own national titleholder! …Really? NO! ...and quit it with the possessive pronouns already.


2) "Called it"

USAGE: When it was the Final 2...I CALLED IT…she was my pick to win!

❖ says: Impressive feat...I win 50% of the time when flipping a coin too.


1) "My good friend…<insert high profile pageant titleholder name>…"

USAGE: Is this real life? OMG...My good friend…Pageant Patty...just won Miss Universe! I die!!

❖ says: Just because she accepted your friend request on Facebook last week doesn't automatically make you BFFs


If you ever get bored at a pageant, during intermission, or even after it's concluded here's a FUN GAME to play using a combination of Annoying Phrases:


Using Annoying Phrases: 2, 21, and 14

❖ says: Called it! The judges definitely got it right. She could make a splash at Miss USA!

Or you can get really fancy like this...


Using Annoying Phrases: 13, 1, 16, 18, 5, 8, 23, and 7

❖ says: I'm still scratching my head on that one. My good friend Pageant just wasn't meant to be. Texas missed it with that one, But you know what they say, "Different night, different set of judges". I still think she was robbed, but you don't need a crown to be a winner. Thank you!


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