VIDEO: Allie LaForce – Miss Teen USA 2005

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As told by Miss Teen USA 2005, Allie LaForce, in her 2005 Pageantry Magazine interview:

"The days went by so fast for my roommate, Miss Michigan Teen USA 2005, Catherine Laurion, and me. We would hold hands each night and say the same prayer: If it be God's will, let us be the last two standing.

Amazingly we were...

The 4th runner-up was called, followed by the 3rd and 2nd runners-up, but it was not until I was left standing there in the middle of the stage with Catherine that I thought, 'Could I actually win this thing?' We couldn't let go of each other, and when they called Michigan as the 1st runner-up and me as Miss Teen USA 2005, she couldn't have been more supportive."

It was nearly 6 years ago that God's will was seemingly apparent that night in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The two roommates that held hands each night during prayer were the last two embraced in the pageant's final moments. Along with Allie's new crown came a new roommate, Miss USA 2005, Chelsea Cooley she would develop a lifelong friendship.

I was extremely lucky to interview both Miss USA 2005, Chelsea Cooley and Miss Teen USA 2005, Allie LaForce together once again in this exclusive interview.  Thank you again Chelsea and Allie!

-Will the Pageant Guy

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