VIDEO: Allyn Rose – Miss District of Columbia 2012

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On the first day she arrived at the Miss America 2013 pageant, Miss District of Columbia 2012 - Allyn Rose said this regarding her surgery to prevent breast cancer:

"It's been something that I've thought about for a long time. Something that far precedes competing in pageants. When my mom was diagnosed and eventually lost her life I was 16 years old.

It's really a pinnacle time in your life when you're developing into a're becoming the person your going to be. It's a time when you need your mom the most. I didn't have my mom help me pick out my prom dress or be there for me when I went on my first date...all of those first milestones.

I really started thinking to myself, I don't want my kids to ever go through that.  I don't want my children to know what its like to live without a mom."

You can watch the rest of Allyn's interview below and watch her compete with 52 other young ladies for the title of Miss America 2013 on January 12th on ABC.

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