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The words of Alyssa Campanella:

" of the best colors for a redhead to wear is surprisingly green! Although many would associate red and green as Christmas colors, the two actually work well together. Any shade of green tends to work well except for neon green. Green is not a popular evening gown color; however, for redheads it would be a very good choice."

Alyssa Campanella in 2008: "Green is not a popular evening gown color; however, for redheads it would be a very good choice.

I first met Alyssa Campanella back in 2008, several months after her 1st runner-up placement at Miss Teen USA 2007, where she contributed as a feature writer for one my pageant projects,

Looking back at the first article she wrote -- more specifically the quote listed above -- its no surprise to see how correct she was in recommending "The Perfect Colors for the Redhead".  Even more accurate would be the fact she would follow her own capturing the title of Miss USA 2011.

Over the past few years, I've been lucky to have Alyssa's support on all of my pageant projects, and when I launched my newest project,, it was only fitting that she would be my first interview to launch the site.

Since then, I've been able to interview Alyssa several more times, raising the standard for journalistic silliness -- complete with refrigerator tours and bloopers -- each and every time :-)

So here we are once again: interview with Miss USA 2011 - Alyssa Campanella (or AC: Episode IV for you Star Wars fans) haha.

Special thanks to the Miss Universe Organization for the exclusive interview.  Best viewed in 1080p HD. Video by in association with PixelBroom.

P.S. In case you missed our first three interviews here they are:

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