VIDEO: Brittany Brannon – Miss Arizona USA 2011

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From the words of Brittany Dawn Brannon - Miss Arizona USA 2011:

"I was born and raised in Paradise Valley, Arizona! I have always been submersed in the arts. I have played violin and piano since age 5, and was in orchestra all throughout high school. I have done classical ballet since I have been two years old and was accepted to the America Ballet Theater.

It had always been my goal to go and dance professionally in New York at ABT, however a foot injury that took place when I was 17, prevented me from dancing ever again.

With faith that everything happens for a reason, I instantly began to look for the next opportunity..."

Whether it's visiting a new continent, steering the wheel of a racecar at 170 mph, or working "Inside the Beltway" in DC...this bright-eyed Arizona beauty does not let the opportunities of life pass her by. Watch this one-on-one interview with Miss Arizona USA 2011, and learn more about Brittany as she seeks her next opportunity -- competing for the crown of Miss USA 2011.

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