VIDEO: Brittany Thelemann – Miss Minnesota USA 2011

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In just a few days we will find out who will be crowned the next Miss Teen USA 2011.  Until then, another group of teenagers from across the country begin their own experience in the Bahamas at the Miss Teen USA Fantasy Camp starting today.

Over the next 6 days the Fantasy Campers will be able get to experience the following:

- Meet Miss Teen USA 2010, Kamie Crawford
- On location Photo Shoot with the Miss Universe Photographers
- Swim with Dolphins
- Runway and Choreography Training
- VIP guest at the Miss Teen USA 2011 Welcome Reception
- Ticket to the Miss Teen USA 2011 Presentation Show
- Ticket to the FINALS of the Miss Teen USA 2011 Pageant ... and tons more!

With them are the Fantasy Camp Counselors that are current or former Miss USA state titleholders.  One in particular, Miss Minnesota USA 2011, Brittany Thelemann, interviewed with before competing at Miss USA 2011.

All I can say is that if she is as much fun as she is during a video interview then the Fantasy Campers are in for a real treat this year!

-Will the Pageant Guy

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