VIDEO: Danielle Doty – Miss Teen USA 2011

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An excerpt from J.J. Smith's article:

"When Danielle Doty was considering what the most daring and adventurous thing she had ever done, the answer came rather quickly: "I climbed a mountain last summer!"   Little did she realize that when the Miss Texas Teen USA pageant came along in November of last year, there would be another mountain to climb, but it was surely a mountain that she was ready to conquer.  In other words, she would be 'in it, to win it!'"

Not only did Danielle climb the summit of that mountain at Miss Texas Teen USA, she continued to the Bahamas to represent the Lone Star state in the ultimate of teen pageants. In just her 2nd pageant in the USA system, this blonde hair beauty from Harlingen, TX captured the title of Miss Teen USA 2011.

Just a few weeks ago, Danielle came back to her home state to attend the Miss Texas Teen USA 2012 pageant and we were lucky to spend some time interviewing her. Check out the interview below and follow Danielle's year as Miss Teen USA 2011 on Twitter at @TheRealTeenUSA

Special thanks to Brooke Daniels (@BDanielsTX09) and Zac Grimaldo (@Zacamo)

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