VIDEO: Holly Allen – Miss Wyoming USA 2012

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In the words of Holly Allen:

"To ascend a peak takes courage and passion, but the true testament is found in what you do once on the summit."

Holly Allen attended California State University Chico on a four-year scholarship. There, she graduated with honors and earned a degree in business and marketing. Born and raised in Lander, Holly refers to herself as a ‘true Wyoming country girl’. Her family owns and operates a guest ranch in the remote Wind River Mountains. Every summer, Holly has guided guests through the mountains, teaching them how to ride horses and fish. She was also the ranch chef, where she says she perfected her creative culinary skills.

Holly was on the executive board of her sorority and was involved in several activities and fundraisers, most prominently for the American Heart Association. During college, she spent a semester abroad studying in Australia, in which she extended her trip for a month-long solo-backpacking excursion around the country.

After graduation, Holly’s desire for a challenge led her to dive into the world of IT. She currently works with Fortune 500 companies nationwide, staffing their tech departments. She says she thrives on the interaction with people of various backgrounds, cultures, and expertise. (Bio courtesy of the Miss Universe Organization)

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