VIDEO: Kate McCaughey – Miss Rhode Island USA 2011

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As performed by country music artist Billy Gilman:

"I remember her, shakin' off the dust.
She could walk the walk, she was one of us
When she went away, I went down that day.
Tried to cheer her, said you won't be missin' much
All that I remember when I think of her back then.
Is a fast talkin', fun lovin' girl we called a friend...Hey, Little Suzie..."

Who's Little Suzie?  Fast forward 7 years and the girl who was once Little Suzie is now the reigning Miss Rhode Island USA 2011, Kate McCaughey.  Correctly pronounced "Mah - Ca (as in castle) - He", I admit I had a butchered Kate's last name a few times 😛  No worries though, as you'll see in this exclusive interview -- Kate is definitely a good sport and a "fun lovin' girl I'd call a friend!"  Be sure to keep an eye out for Rhode Island's Kate McCaughey as she "walks the walk" this summer at Miss USA 2011!

-Will the Pageant Guy

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