VIDEO: Leah Blekfo – Miss Arkansas USA 2015

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Leah Blefko is a student at the University of Arkansas where she double majors in Broadcast Journalism and Sports Management. Leah is proud to work for the Razorback football team and the Razorback Sports Network as she thinks of herself as the "Hogs #1 Fan." Leah has the travel bug, and has explored places like Greece, The U.S. Virgin Islands, and many more. Leah is a hot sauce junkie and always asks for a bottle of hot sauce for her meal at every restaurant.

Staying active and finding news ways to work out is something she has always loved to do. In the past two years she has picked up boxing as she gets an adrenaline from the workout and feels like she's in the movie "Rocky". It's no secret that this girl loves sports-- one time Leah drove a total of 9 hours within a 15-hour time span to cheer on her favorite MLB team, the Royals, during the World Series.

Leah hopes to lead by example that a combination of positivity and staying true to who you are is the key to success. Video by Zac Grimaldo/PixelBroom Studios. (Bio by Miss Universe Organization)

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