VIDEO: MAOTeen 2011 – Lacey’s Keepsake

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Taken from Lacey's Official MAOTeen Blog:

"❖ Scholastic Ambition - Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education with a Master’s Degree in Counseling

❖ Favorite TV Show - Food Network Challenge

❖ Favorite Food - Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate ice cream!!!!!

❖ Favorite Place to Visit - My grandparent’s ranch

❖ Pets - Coco, identical to Bruiser in Legally Blonde

❖ Secret Dream - Work in a bakery and someday be The Next Food Network Star!

❖ The one thing I can’t live without - Going to Sonic with best friends. (ice cream is involved!)."

As you can tell from some her favorites, Lacey (like myself and many others) has a sweet tooth :)  But this outstanding teen's love for sweets just isn't about having the occasional treat...Lacey also love to bake! To honor their current titleholder, the Miss America's Outstanding Teen organization created a very special keepsake to recognize Lacey's passion for baking.  Wondering what it is?  Watch the video below.

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