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First off...Congratulations Alyssa Campanella, our new Miss USA 2011!

Since she's been crowned, much talk has been made about Alyssa being a huge Star Wars fan and somewhat a geek, well gorgeous geek. Just last week our new Miss USA 2011 was a guest on Access Hollywood with a whole segment devoted to Star Wars. OK...What is going on with this Star Wars madness and how did it come about?

Let's take a stroll in the way-back machine and let's go all the way back to...March 2011.

March 29, 2011: So I interviewed Alyssa at the end of March, a few months after she won the Miss California USA 2011 title, and we chatted a little about her winning the title, living in Cali, etc.

Then we moved on to the more serious questions like what's in her fridge, her Starbursts obsession, and of course Star Wars vs. Star Trek. NOTE: Every time I have asked her this question her response is "Star Wars!!" at ear-numbing 120 dB. Don't believe me? Watch the video below.

OK, I'll admit I am a Star Wars fan -- not a huge one -- but nothing compared to Alyssa.  In Wookie-speak, I'm a Padawan to Alyssa's Jedi Knighthood.

Now, let's warp speed to June 2011.

June 19, 2011: Alyssa just captured the crown of Miss USA 2011 and is making her way to the press conference. All the media outlets are there: Associated Press, Reuters, USA Today, Pageantry Magazine, and of course pshhh.  Sitting in the front row -- straight out of 1986 -- Robin Leach fires off the first question. As all the grown-ups ask their questions, I wait patiently with my hand in the air to ask my question.

After a few minutes...VICTORY...they call on me! Reacting with no hesitation I relive the great moments in March 2011 and revisit the question with Alyssa: Star Wars or Star Trek?

The question was followed by a bunch of mad stares from the grown-ups.  Even my buddy Carl Dunn,  CEO of Pageantry Magazine, tossed over a "are you an idiot?/tienes grandes cojones" look.  So by staying true to's patty-free pageant content motto at the press conference, our Miss USA 2011 will forever be associated with Ewoks, Droids, Sith Lords, and Yoda. I can already see the  hordes of Star Wars fans dressed as Stormtroopers to support Alyssa on September 12th in Sao Paulo, Brazil at the Miss Universe 2011 pageant lol.

So one question remains for Miss USA 2011. Will Alyssa turn to the Dark Side and use her powers on the Miss Universe judges to win the crown??  I don't think she will have to :)

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P.S. Star Wars fans: You're welcome!

-Will the Pageant Guy

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CiscotigerJuly 2, 2011 at 10:26 amReply

May the Force be with you Alyssa on the Miss Universe Pagent! Very entertaining interview, Thx Pagent guy!