VIDEO: Renee Wronecki – Miss Illinois USA 2015

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Renee Wronecki is a twenty-two-year old born and raised in the Chicago area. She is the first-generation in her family to become an American citizen. Renee can speak Polish and has attended Polish school as a child. After high school, Renee dealt with shocking news when she and her mother were both diagnosed with skin cancer. From that moment on, Renee has been committed to being the best she can be. She has studied nutrition and attained a passion for fitness.

After changing their lifestyles, Renee and her mother are both cancer free today. Renee considers this a blessing because she found true joy in fitness and health. Renee is the middle child of three. The charity closest to her heart is Autism-Speaks due to her little brother having autism. Renee works in marketing and plans to continue her education in the fall at Lindenwood University. Video by Zac Grimaldo/PixelBroom Studios. (Bio by Miss Universe Organization)

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