VIDEO: Pageant Paperdolls. Creepy or Cool?

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The first time I came across Pageant Paperdolls I was pretty amazed at the surgeon-like precision and detail of these replicas.  If you are a fan of pageantry then you respect a contestant, hairstylist, photographer, etc. paying great attention to detail and these 4 inch Paperdolls were no exception.

Afterwards, new Pageant Paperdolls would regularly pop up on my Facebook news feed.  I admired the work from a distance -- most times browsing through them quickly -- until one day something familiar caught my eye.  Two current Texas USA titleholders were "paperdolled" with one of my events in the background.

Kelsey Moore and Chelsea Morgensen on the Red Carpet at the Texas Pageant Expo

I'm sure both Kelsey and Chelsea were flattered that someone used them as inspiration to create art, and it was awesome that the artist actually recreated all of my sponsor logos on the banner behind them!

So I reached out to the artist, Paperdoll Pete, to express my admiration for his art and for including my banner in one of his pieces.  He talked about his love for pageants and his gratefulness to use his talents to give something back to the pageant world.  But, he admitted that some pageant fans view his work as creepy.   Creepy or not,  I thought Paperdoll Pete's work was pretty cool and he seemed like a good dude. From then on I continued followed Pete's work on Facebook and came up with an idea for to feature his Paperdolls in video.

With permission granted from Pete, I threw together a few video montages recreating "Great Moments in Pageant History" -- Paperdoll style.  Take a look below!

Now that you've seen them, I want YOUR opinion!  What do YOU think about Pageant Paperdolls?  Creepy or Cool?

-Will the Pageant Guy

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